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Monday, June 01, 2009


Haha wanted to post yesterday but bro interrupted...sorry anyway this is what i wanted to write yesterday....i will be posting a few tutorials(IMPT ONES) and videos so that u guys will understand...the first and second tutorial which im gonna post today is about how to use WinZip and make files smaller and compressed. The second one is on how to make the DragonBallZ Kahekahame aka dragonball or also as adugan. The video is the result of what ur gonna make after using the effects. The third video is on where and how to download Adobe After Effects CS4 which u will be using to make the effects and how to use it. the forth video is on how to make ur internet is not illegal but it just makes ur speed the speed ur suppose to get which ur not getting now..also where ti test ur internet speed. The fifth video is on how to make ur downloads on utorrent faster.

This is on how to make files smaller using WinZip..u can download it anywhere.This video is mine...=D

This video is the result of the After Effects tutorial...U CAN MAKE THIS TOO!!! ill give the the footage in other words..the basic video so that you can do ur effects there...

KAy thanks for watching will post the other tutorials in the next post.=D

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Very long never post so todae i shall posT!!!=D i thank all who tagged on my blog and i am sorry for not tagging back cause i could not use the com for quite a long time!erm...went to post AT ALL THE BLOGS That iknew!! hope i tagged all the ones that tagged at me!=D

er...nthiing interestiing happened todae...just came back from camp yesterday! need to redo history project...all so nice except my group's one=( NEED TO CHIONG!!!!!!! everyone knows how to do the maths hw...i onli do the first 6Qs till today need to RUSH TMR FOR THAT ALSO!!!!! many things to do so damn stressed!...maybe will do already scan andpost all the answers here so that those who dun noe how to do can look and understand hahah may be wrong OKAY!!ahahahaha THIS IS A VIDEO OF SOMEONE HACKING WOLFTEAM ANDHOW TO HACK!!! HOPE U ENJOY IT I ALSO DO THIS TO OTHER PEOPLE!!!HAHAHAHA ENJOY!!

OK bye! Hope u enjoy the movie! made by someone called sonicmasta4evaaneva from youtube! ahhahahha

Good Night!10:1PM

Monday, March 09, 2009


hello is a very special day!My bro's Birthday! too bad he's at army...coming back today...that's why i put the asterisk on the date above..^.^
Haha today dun need do CWO cos Mr Guei not at office...mdm Suzie say do tmr...she smiled at me...feel so one kind..hahahahaha....didnt do maths hw yesterday but managed to survive..haha never get caught....Today had Lit test! Hope everyone did Well!!Haha saw my marks....All As u noe hahaahha except for lit,zzzzB3 the rest all A1,A2..DAMN HAPPY!! hope can keep this up! Hope others did well too and are satisfied with their marks...changed blog skin yesterday...Derick was considered the first to tag on my blog...He thought me some things about blogging...haha I CHANGED THE CBOX to transparent hope u like it...Please tagg on it tooo....i dun noe how to do that floating thing for the cbox...HEY IF ANYONE NOES HOW TO PLEASE TELL ME IN CLASS OR TELL ME IN THE TAGBOX!! maths hw...5.4 dunno what la....then got the science article and not so sure about Art....Going for facial session 2 today...hehehehehehe..Soooo Bye! maybe can post i secretly do..Muahahhahahah


Sunday, March 08, 2009


Muhahahhaa very long never post man! late already so cant talk much...CANT FRAKING PUT MY FREAKING CBOX CODE IN MY BLOG!!!!zzzzzzzz nth much happened todae...i didnt do my maths hw...hahahahahaha go school morning morning CHIONG!!!Hope can finish in mood to sms anyone today so didnt..except for 1 or 2....wa laou now onli can play com on sundays....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz so only can post on sundays! I dint do my poem or book summary too! haha tmr got lit test, Good Luck 1 diligence 09!! Hope all of us do well!=D

Yea bro's bdae tmr and dad's bdae on 4th march!
Hey 1 diligence! On april fools we should do a SUPER FUNNY PRANK ON OUR FORM TEACHERS!!! Spread the news to our classmates...We Shall PLAN!! MUAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHa

HAHA i got caught by (Mdm) Suzie on Friday...cause i was hanging up my phone on spiral stairs...then she came up and said,"Ai!! Why u using Handphone??then blah blah blah...Come fpollow me go office now!"...then go to office already, "Mr.Grey...this boy was caught using handphone on spiral stairs...make him do CWO!, Mr Grey says, "ER..busy monday come see me ar!!" he said something like that...lucky i got pull up socks while walking behind her...then Mdm suzie says,"Ok! Monday do CWO PICK UP RUBBISH AR!!!!Come see Mr.Grey after school on monday. Lucky he busy ar u!Good!Ur socks,hair and attire is okay!Now GO!! DUN WANAN SEE U USE HP ANYMORE EXCEPT....CANTEEN!!!"
Wa laou the WORST Part was Miss Loke,Ms How and Ms Chuan pass by u KNow!!!!!!when Mdm Suzie caught me...then after that walking back to canteen i saw them again and said Good Morning Miss Loke,Miss How, Miss Chuan worried then she come follow me Office and out of Office i think, that's what Jerald says,

That's all folks! Hope u enjoyed it...IT REALLY HAPPENED!!! The cnversation was something like that...

Good Night Sweets Dreams, Dun let the Bed Bugs BitE!! >.<

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Its been really really long since i have ever's see did some science, english tuition work and all play on my laptop... wasnt such a bad day after all....i played with my neo shifters after fixing it yesterday quite FUN!!BUT HAVE TO BUILD FROM SMALL PIECES U NOE!!! DAMN HARD I TOOK LIKE 2 O 3 HRS LEH!!!sooooo er...kaarthik came to my house (my neighbor) father got tensed UP mum the normal mood hmm...sibling went out...nth much though woke up at 12.30 plus latest was at 2.45 such a nice rest then no breakfast only lunch and dinner! sooo haiz lazy write liao Good Night or Bye! WATSO EVER!!!

Hari! 10.11PM

Thursday, September 20, 2007

20th September 2007

Yo people.....i'm back after soooooooooooooooooooooooo long.....lazy to write lor!!!!!!added few new games and have already set a new test!!!!so try it and check it out!

Saturday, March 31, 2007

WAzzup "DOGZ"....hari's in the houeszzzzzzzzz again....yesterday i escape frm housez then come back again...hahahahah...jk i escape frm the KUMON tuition.....haiz....nth to all boring shows sial.....hhehehehehe....anyone wanna a hacking website?????fer those games like maplestor,bots or rakion...or other sorts of that type of games call me HOR!!!!but.....only fer case others see erh...dun wanna...any of 5/4 peeps wanna ask fer the website call me or tell in here me or haiz....u get the point rite???haiz......kk...chaowzzz....see ya!